Rapid Weight Loss Treatment Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA

Weight issues have been an epidemic worldwide and with our continuing technology and ability to live longer, we are wearing our joints out earlier and earlier. Excessive amounts of surgeries are being done due to this epidemic.


If you wear out your weight bearing joints (hips, knees and back), you will circle down a cascade of surgeries, medicines, side effects etc…


Famous Hollywood surgeon, Dr. Raj has aligned with famous renowned weight loss expert Jack R in an effort to make a weight loss change in various countries. Dr. Raj and Jack practice and are willing to lecture in Dubai, Beverly Hills, Middle East (Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates).


Take control of your life




For a 6 month supervised weight loss program for all worldwide patients call Jack R at 310-461-9187 or email DUBAIWEIGHTLOSS@aol.com.

Hopes and Dreams Charity Program

Beverly Hills Fitness Dream Team

Dr Raj, Beverly Hills Top Orthopedic Surgeon and fitness expert team up to create a team to battle childhood obesity.

Two Los Angeles county deserved teens from the county system are selected by top county officials to partake in the new Hopes and Dreams programs designed and originated by Dr Raj and Jack Rosenbaum… The two selected teens will start an exciting program to change their lives in Beverly Hills where they will be mentored and trained in regards to fitness nutrition, motivation and self esteem issues over a three month period. The program is meant to create messengers and a following who understand obesity is not a socioeconomic disease and we all have choices . With the right guidance and education we can all conquer our dreams.

Alternate team consists of Cardiologist, Dentist and a Fitness Trainer.

Hopes & Dreams update

One of our LA County foster kids has lost 5 pounds on her second week! It took her by surprise at how she was able to take control of her life. She’s very motivated and has done well with keeping up with her exercise routines and diet. Currently, we have her on a cycle and both her motivation and commitment has increased. It’ll only go uphill from here!

Ours kids have been loosing more weight!

More than that one of the teens had a sever sleeping issue and with diet and nutrition change we have her sleeping at 10 pm instead of 3pm. She feels better and happier. A special guest Greg Nassif who is an established well respected Beverly Hills businessman volunteered his time as part of the “Beverly Hills Dream Team” to motivate one of our teens today. He planned a dream meeting for her next week which will impact her future.