John W Kosolcharoen — 5 star

Dr. Raj is an incredible orthopedic surgeon. I am the CEO of a multimillion dollar company, and enjoy MMA, contact sports, and other physical activities. I recently destroyed my right knee and was bound to a wheel chair. I had an MRI which revealed a 60% tear in my ACL, 40% tear of the PCL, 40% MCL, a compressed and torn meniscus, a tibia bruise and a fibia fracture. The treatment recommended was complete knee reconstruction surgery.
I had heard of different types of stem cell treatments and began researching the science and the doctors that offered the treatment. Upon meeting Dr. Raj and his incredible team, I instantly decided to schedule the procedure. I had gained 80lbs from not being able to be active. I had a limp, daily pain, and had trouble navigating stairs and walking on inclines.I had the procedure recommended by Dr. Raj, done the 1st week of December. By Christmas I had no pain and was able to start light excersize. It’s been only 6 weeks since the procedure. I’ve lost 23lbs, I am completely pain free, and I’ve been able to hike a 1,000ft elevation. I have no doubt I will completely recover thanks the the recommendation, treatment, and care given to me by Dr. Raj and his amazing team.

I would highly recommend Dr. Raj and his warm, personable staff to anyone who is seeking treatment.


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