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ACL Reconstruction Basics Treatment By Knee Specialist Los Angeles

ACL Reconstruction Basics

ACL reconstruction is a surgical process which is used to rebuild the ligaments located around your knee. This ligament can give way during physical activity and cause a tear. In this area you have three bones that form the joint Bethany and on top of these three bones the kneecap protects this joint. Oliver bones are protected with ligaments in the same area. In your knee you have four main ligaments which hold your bones in place much like a rope. Is the ligaments in your knee is injured it is called a sprain. There are three levels of sprains the first of which is mild. With a mild sprain the ligament is stretched but it can still hold your knee joint where it needs to. Normal sprain, grade 2, is one which stretches your ligament after which the ligament itself remains loose. This care is considered a partial tear. The most severe care is when your entire ligament tears into two separate pieces and leaves your joint unstable.

What are the causes of this?

ACL Tear2If you are playing sports and you stop suddenly you can cause the ligament to care. If you are changing your direction instantly or you slow down while you are running you can cause a tear in your ligament. Landing incorrectly from a jump can also cause a tear in your ligament. Female athletes have a higher rate of torn ligaments compared to male counterparts. The reason for this is a different size and shape of the pelvis and different muscular strength.

What are the symptoms of a torn ligament?

If you hear a popping noise in your knee after one of the causes listed above and your knee instantly swells within 24 hours it may be indicative of a torn ligament and it may require surgery. If you find that walking brings you discomfort and you have a complete loss of motion in your knee it may also be indicative of your need for surgery.

What is the surgical treatment like?

anterior-cruciate-ligament-acl-reconstruction-graft-selection-osuv6n2-3-2coljpgRepairing the ligament in your knee can be done through physical therapy and nonsurgical bracing. If these preliminary methods are insufficient to meet your needs you may have to seek surgical rebuilding by a knee specialist Los Angeles for your ligament. In this case the torn ligament is stitched back together in order to restore stability. There are some cases where the tear is so severe that your orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles has to replace the torn ligaments using a graft. A graft functions like scaffolding and it holds your knee in place until new ligament grows.

What is the procedure like?

ACL repairIf you use surgical options to repair you’re torn ligament it is often done by an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles using an arthroscopy. With an arthroscope a small incision is made in your knee and a tube is inserted through that incision which contains a small camera on the end. This is known as a minimally invasive procedure and the benefits of using such a procedure include leaving you in less pain during and after the procedure and providing you with a faster recovery time.

To learn more about ACL reconstruction, contact knee specialist, Dr. Raj in Los Angeles today.

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