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All About Hip Arthritis from a Beverly Hills Orthopedic

Hip arthritis is when the joints and your hips become inflamed. This causes pain and swelling in your joints. There are many types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis is one of the most common. Hip Surgeon Beverly Hills

This is referred to as age-related arthritis for degenerative joint disease. That being said people who are older are much more likely to develop this.

What is hip arthritis?

Hip arthritis takes place when the cartilage around your hip breaks down and becomes inflamed. This can cause pain, swelling, as well as a deformity. The cartilage is the rubbery material which covers the end of your bones inside of your joints.

It is generally made up of water and proteins. The function of the cartilage is to absorb shock inside of your joints. The quality with which the cartilage absorbs shock comes from its ability to naturally change its shape. But in order to do this it must have significant water content. And if damage this cartilage may not repair itself or grow new cartilage. And with time the flexibility and shock observing nature of the Cartilage decreases which leads to injury and inflammation in the joint.

How does arthritis affect the hip?

Patients who have hip arthritis can have difficulty walking. At first it can be very difficult to diagnose this because the pain will appear in different locations such as the knee, the groin, the thigh, and the buttocks. The pain might be a dull ache or it can be a stabbing and sharp pain.

What causes hip arthritis?

Orthopedic Surgeon Beverly HillsThe causes are not known. But there are factors which can contribute to it including being overweight, getting older and joint injuries. If your joints have not properly formed it can cause hip arthritis.

You could have a genetic defect in your cartilage which can also lead to a high risk of hip arthritis. If you put extra stress on your joints by being overweight or by taking part in activities which involve the hip that can also cause arthritis.

What are the symptoms of hip arthritis?

Joint stiffness will start to take place whenever you get out of bed or when you sit for an extended period of time. You might start to experience pain, tenderness, or swelling in your hip joint. You might feel an actual crunch or hear a crunch which is your bone rubbing against the other bone. If you are unable to move your hip while you perform regular daily activities like putting socks on your feet, this could also be a sign.

How is hip arthritis diagnosed?

There is no single diagnosis but an abnormal x-ray can showcase the features of a narrowing joint in the hip. If this happens to your doctor will check how your hip is functioning and may monitor any loss of motion.

How is arthritis treated?

The goal of treating hip arthritis is to improve your mobility and your lifestyle. Part of these goals includes regaining function of your hip and controlling your pain. The treatment you receive might include rest care, the use of the cane to relieve the weight on your affected hip, exercise, losing weight, non-drug pain control techniques, and medications that are anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen.

Stem cell therapy procedures are often able to provide exceptional pain relief along with restoration of some of the damaged soft tissues and cartilage. In the worst case, you may need hip replacement surgery with an orthopedic surgeon Beverly Hills trusts if your ball and socket joint is incredibly damaged.

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