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Finding the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles

If you have sustained a severe injury to one of your joints your doctor will more than likely recommend that you meet with an orthopedic surgeon. An orthopedic surgeon is somebody who specializes in surgical (and nonsurgical) procedures of the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. They are the most qualified person to help you rectify any joint problems you may be experiencing. But finding the best Los Angeles and Beverly Hills orthopedic surgeon can be difficult.Knee Specialist Los Angeles

Meeting for a Consultation

Before you allow an orthopedic surgeon to operate on you, it is important that you are comfortable with them.  This consultation is generally reserved to address your current situation as well as assess your qualifications for a surgical procedure.

But during this time you should also meet with them to see how you feel. If you initially are put off by something perhaps as innocuous as a personality conflict you should trust your instincts and look for somebody else. The orthopedic surgeon that you end up working with should be somebody you trust entirely. This is just one of the strong points of Dr. Raj at Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute. His bedside manner is comforting and compassionate.

Surgeon Qualifications

It’s important to check the credentials of your orthopedic doctor such as Board Certifications. Dr. Raj, for instance, is Board Certified in three countries and has been named the top orthopedic doctor in Los Angeles for several years in a row.

He is an ABC News Medical Correspondent and a WebMD Expert.

total-knee-replacement2-193x300Insurance Qualifications

Of course you also want to make sure that the orthopedic surgeon you work with is somebody covered by whatever healthcare insurance plan you have. You can check this by asking your health care insurance providers for a list of orthopedic surgeons in Los Angeles who are covered under your plan. Out of Network coverage may be fine as well.

Surgical Statistics

If you are concerned about the complications associated with your surgical procedure it is imperative that you work with an orthopedic surgeon who has extended expertise and has been working successfully for many years. You may just want to ask the doctor if the procedure under consideration is something the surgeon performs on a regular basis.


Dr. Raj at Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute is the top orthopedic doctor in Southern California, and has extensive experience in hip replacement surgery in Los Angeles and knee replacement, along with minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures. Call (310) 247-0466 today!

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