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Five Simple Ways to Avoid Surgery for Your Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

As one of the most vital, highly used structures of your body, your shoulders are extremely important when it comes to completing normal, everyday tasks. Part of your shoulder, the rotator cuff, is among the most important Shoulder Surgeon Los Angelescomponents of your shoulder itself, as it forms the muscular covering over your upper arm bone to attach it to your shoulder blade.

Of course, this means that your rotator cuff can easily become damaged from overuse or even minor injury. One form of damage is referred to as impingement, in which the acromion will begin to rub against the tendon and bursa of your rotator cuff, often causing a substantial amount of discomfort and pain.

While you might think that surgery is the only option to resolve this issue, there are actually five alternative methods that can help you avoid surgery for your shoulder impingement syndrome.

Follow These Five Methods for Simple Surgery Avoidance

When you want to avoid a surgical procedure on your rotator cuff, there are many alternative routes that you might choose to pursue. The top five ways to promote healing and avoid surgery include:

  1. Rest – This might seem too simple but rest is an extremely effective way to prevent the need for surgery, especially when it comes to any activities that require you to raise your hands above your head
  2. Anti-Inflammatory Medications – In addition to rest, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like naproxen and ibuprofen can reduce pain and swelling that results from the acromion rubbing against your tendon.Stem Cell Doctor Los Angeles
  3. Physical Therapy – Stretching and strengthening programs are typically prescribed for those with shoulder impingement syndrome. This can help restore a full range of motion to your shoulder, allowing you to once again complete your daily activities with ease while helping to prevent future injuries.
  4. Steroid Injection – Steroid injections are typically stronger than other treatments, involving a local anesthetic and cortisone. Cortisone is well known as a highly effective anti-inflammatory medication, and injecting it beneath the acromion can help to reduce any pain that you are experiencing.
  5. Stem Cell Injections and PRP Therapy – Regenerative medicine treatments such as stem cell therapy and PRP therapy have been shown to potentially very effective in the nonoperative treatment of rotator cuff tears and/or impingement syndrome.

Choose a Nonsurgical Treatment for Your Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Generally, most patients can avoid surgery and restore total functionality to their shoulder through a combination of the five simple methods mentioned above. While it might take weeks or months to achieve such a result, many patients are willing to dedicate themselves to this process to avoid the lengthy recovery process associated with surgery.

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