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Hip Arthritis Treatment With Orthopedic Doctors In Los Angeles

Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is a condition which takes place after your hip joints become inflamed. This condition causes pain and swelling in the joint. There are many forms of arthritis but the most common form is osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative joint disease which is typically age related. People who are older are more likely to develop this condition.

What is hip arthritis?

Hip Surgeon Beverly HillsHip arthritis is something which takes place when the cartilage located in the hip joint breaks down and becomes inflamed. When this happens it causes swelling and pain. It can also cause a deformity. The cartilage located inside of the hip joint is a rubbery material which covers the ends of every bone located in that joint. The cartilage is typically made up of water and proteins. The function is to absorb shock inside of the joints. The quality with which your cartilage can absorb shock comes from the ability to naturally change shape. This means that the cartilage can naturally change its shape in order to protect your bones and brace against any impact received to the joint. For example, when you are playing sports and running, actions such as changing direction or converting your run into a slide or tackle place pressure and shock on the joints in different directions and from different angles.

The cartilage is able to change it shape so as to move around constantly and protect you as this happens.
But in order for the cartilage to do this it needs significant water content. If your cartilage is damaged it may not repair and new cartilage may not grow. If this happens the flexibility will decrease and the shock absorbing nature will equally decrease leaving you with inflammation and injury.

How does arthritis affect your hip?

Patients who suffer from hip arthritis may find difficulty walking. At first the difficulty walking maybe challenging to diagnose because this pain will appear in areas such as the buttocks, Denis, growing, and the five. The pain could be something as simple as a dull ache or something as severe as sharp stabbing pain.

What causes hip arthritis?

Hip Surgeon Los AngelessBecause is our unknown but there are many factors which contribute to the propensity for it including old age, joint injuries, and wait. If joints are not properly formed it can also cause this condition. People with genetic defects pertaining to their cartilage are at a higher risk of this condition. Those who play sports regularly may place extra stress on the joints which can lead to this condition.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Joint stiffness typically takes place when you first try to get out of bed or after you sit for an extended period of time. You might start to experience swelling in that joint or tenderness. If you hear a crunch that means one bone is sitting against another bone. If you’re unable to move your hip while trying to perform daily activities like putting on shoes this is also a sign.

If you are experiencing hip pain, you should meet with an orthopedic doctors in Los Angeles. After a thorough examination, you will be given a treatment plan to help alleviate your pain. To learn more about hip arthritis and the treatment options, visit an orthopedic doctors in Los Angeles today.

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