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How Does the Mini-Open Rotator Cuff Repair Work?

The mini-open rotator cuff repair is used to reattach torn tendons in the shoulder’s rotator cuff.  A small incision is needed only when the damage to the tendons in the shoulder are of a significant size. The mini-open rotator cuff repair is done by an expert Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon such as Dr. Raj. Most of the work is done arthroscopically with considerable dexterity Shoulder Surgeon Beverly Hillsnecessary to manage the camera and instruments for proper surgical skill.

Purposes of Rotator Cuff Repair

  • Glenohumeral inspection
  • Release of the coracoacromial ligament
  • Anterior-inferior acromioplasty (shaving bone down to increase available room for the rotator cuff tendon)
  • Release of any fixed tendons around the glenoid labrum
  • Tendon grasping suture placement
  • Secure bone fixation
  • Early restoration of passive motion

Arthroscopic Procedure

One of the newest surgical advances today is the use of the mini-open rotator cuff repair for correction of damaged tendons in the shoulder. This surgical procedure repairs damaged tendons and makes it possible for the patient to use a shoulder that once was only repairable with a large open incision. The surgery is done arthroscopically through tubes that are very small. It is necessary for the surgeon to make small incisions in the shoulder and insert cameras that will enable him to inspect the joints of the shoulder.

By making tiny incisions and inserting the fiberoptic camera, the surgeon can avoid the large incision and enable a faster recovery.

Repair of the Rotator CuffRotator Cuff Surgeon Los Angeles

The type of rotator cuff repair depends on the severity and size of the damage. The surgeon uses a drill to create holes in the bone in order to finish the repair job. Anchors will be inserted into the holes to help keep the arm bone in place. The tendon is stitched together, pulling the sutures tightly against the anchors. The arm placed in a sling and after a time the tendon will reattach itself to the bone.

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