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Stem Cell Therapies for Rotator Cuff Injuries

It is common knowledge that a human body consists, in essence, of over a billion cells. Cells are the most basic builders of the human body and combine up to form tendons, joints, ligaments, bones and muscles. Regardless of whether it is a tendon or a ligament, a muscle or a joint, the cells that form it rotator cuffgoes through a degenerative and regenerative process so that the organ remains healthy and strong.

The process gets disrupted in case of any injury as the degenerative process dominates over the regenerative process. The affected ligament, joint or muscle as a result becomes weaker and every movement that involves the use of such an injured part causes great pain.

A great way to overcome any such problem and to heal the injury is the injection of stem cells (capable of producing all sorts of different cells) to increase the regenerative process again. While there remain a number of different types of stem cells, researchers have found that stem cells derived from the bone marrow or amniotic derived stem cells promote and encourage healing of musculoskeletal injuries (tissue damage in tendon, cartilage, ligament or bone).

Stem Cells for Rotator cuff Tears

Seeing the benefits of stem cells for organs consisting of tendons, ligaments and joints, it is easy to deduce that stem cells for shoulder injuries would work well. It is true that stem cell therapy for shoulder injury is common, especially for a shoulder injury such as a rotator cuff. The rotator cuff remains that group of muscles and tendons that are overused, and thus, rotator cuff tears remain extremely common. A rotator cuff tear can cause a lot of pain, but the pain can be managed through stem cellsstem cells for rotator cuff.

Other Shoulder Conditions that can be Treated with Stem Cell Injections

Apart from the fact that you can repair rotator cuff with stem cells, stem cell injections can also help you recover from other severe shoulder injuries as well. The other shoulder conditions apart from rotator cuff which can be treated with stem cells include shoulder dislocation, thoracic outlet syndrome and labral tears.

There have been several studies over the past few years looking at stem cell therapy for shoulder conditions. They have all been positive. Dr. Raj at Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute has been able to avoid over 50% of surgical procedures  using stem cells for shoulder injury.

Benefits of Using Stem Cells for Rotator cuff and other Shoulder Injuries

The reason why stem cell injections offer a great option for rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries is that they are not only great at helping in relieving pain and healing small scale shoulder injuries, but are also capable of helping in cases where doctors would start to consider a surgery. While shoulder surgeries are common for severe injuries, there is no doubt in the fact that they remain difficult because of the sheer complexity of the joint. logo

Not only this, the recovery process isn’t easy as well and can keep you unable of doing any useful work for a very long time. With shoulder surgeries being complex and hard to recover from, stem cell injections help in dealing with the shoulder problem such as (severe rotator cuff tear) with the use of simple injections that won’t cause any pain and that won’t keep you immobile for long either.

Dr. Raj at Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute is an expert in stem cell therapy for shoulder injury. This includes arthritis, labral tears and rotator cuff tears/tendonitis. Most insurance is accepted, simply call (310) 247-0466 today for shoulder pain in Los Angeles!

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