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Stem Cells for Knee Arthritis in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles

Knee arthritis is a common degenerative disease in which the knees of the patient become inflamed and start losing the cartilage located in between the knee joint. The most widely used treatment method of knee arthritis is knee Knee painreplacement, which is a surgical procedure that has many risks and can be very painful to recover from. Moreover, knee replacement surgery increases the risk of knee arthritis even more.

This is why orthopedic doctors in Los Angeles have been looking for new ways for treating knee arthritis and after years of research they have identified stem cell therapy as the right method for treating this degenerative condition. Thus, if you are a knee arthritis patient then you can avoid knee replacement surgery with stem cell therapy in Los Angeles.

How Can Stem Cells Help in Treating Knee Arthritis

The use of stem cells for knee arthritis in Beverly Hills is relatively new and research on it is still ongoing. However, the results that have thus far been received are extremely encouraging. Stem cells have the ability to transform into many types of cells and can help in repairing damaged tissue or cartilage.

When injected into the knee of a patient suffering from knee arthritis, these stem cells can differentiate and turn into cartilage being lost by the patient. This way the amount of cartilage in the knee joint is restored and the patient begins to feel considerable relief from the pain.

Which Type of Stem Cells Are Used for Knee Arthritis

Stem cells are of various types, but the ones that have been studied the most and are currently being used for treating knee arthritis patients are Mesenchymal Stem Cells. These stem cells for knees are also known as adult stem cells and are multipotent in nature which means that they can turn into a number of other cells. The good thing about Mesenchymal stem cells is that they can be obtained from a number of sources with ease and have proven to be very effective in treating knee arthritis as well. The common sources from where these stem cells for knee arthritis can be stem-cells-300x224harvested are bone marrow, fat and amniotic fluid.

How Are Stem Cells Harvested

The stem cells for arthritis and knee arthritis patients are usually harvested from the bone marrow of the patient. A special needle is inserted into the hip cavity of the patient and a small amount of bone marrow is extracted and then injected into the knee of the patient after concentration.

Stem cells for knees can also be harvested from the fat of the patient as well. In this harvest too, a special needle is used to extract a small amount of fat from the patient, which is then injected into the patient’s knee after isolation. Another method of harvest of stem cells for knee arthritis involves extraction of amniotic fluid from the placenta after a C-section. The stem cells are harvested from the amniotic fluid, processed at an FDA regulated lab, and are then injected into the affected area of the patient, the knee joint.

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