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The Basics of Hip Arthroscopy from a Beverly Hills Orthopedic Surgeon

When you have a problem with your hip, a hip arthroscopy is often used in order to give doctors a clear view of your joint and diagnose the condition. A hip arthroscopy can be used to relieve pain associated with several different conditions, including arthritis, dysplasia, snapping hip syndrome, torn cartilage and joint damage.Hip Surgeon Los Angeles


Your Beverly Hills orthopedic doctor may recommend hip arthroscopy when a few different conditions are present. The condition is often one that is painful and has not responded to non-surgical treatment. Some non-surgical methods that may be used prior include warm pressure, rest, physical therapy, and injections to the joint. Hip arthroscopy is done when someone has:

–       FIA: A disorder where the bone spurs within your hip enclose around the socket and cause damage to the bone.

–       Dysplasia: A condition of the hip socket, where it is abnormally shallow and will allow for the labrum to tear easily.

–       Snapping hip syndrome: An issue that occurs when the tendon within the hip rubs across the area of the joint. While the snapping of the hip itself is generally fine without treatment, if the tendon continues to run across the bone, it can cause damage and dislocation.

–       Loose pieces of bone or cartilage: When sections detach and become present in the hip area, it causes pain and swelling.

–       Hip joint infection – If an infection develops, the surgeon uses arthroscopy to assess the severity and damage.

–      Labral Tear – the cartilage surrounding the hip joint may tear and cause pain to result with activity


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Hip Arthroscopy

During hip arthroscopy, your leg is first put in traction. This traction allows your hip to be pulled slightly from the area where it connects, which gives the Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon a good view of to insert the medical instruments used during the procedure. The surgeon then will cut a small hole in the hip area, which will allow him to insert the arthroscope. This device is basically a small camera which allows the surgeon to get a full view and correctly identify damage.

Once the damage has been located, the Los Angeles hip surgeon will then use the correct medical tools to remove the damage. This may include smoothing out torn cartilage, removing bone spurs, or removing tissue that has become inflamed. The time is takes to complete the surgery depends on the amount of damage present and how much repair is required.


Recovery from hip arthroscopy is generally quick, and you’ll be able to go home after 1-2 hours of monitoring. Upon being released, you’ll be given a rehabilitation plan that will help you with your recovery. Pain medication and physical therapy are used to keep you comfortable and help you heal faster. Home exercises may also be used to help strengthen certain muscle groups as your healing progresses.

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