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SET APPOINTMENT 25 Daily Habits Practiced by Highly Successful People

Excerpt from Article:  –Dr. Raj, a Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon, sports medicine and joint replacement expert who has been featured on E!, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, BuzzFeed, TMZ and more for his medical commentary

14. Take care of yourself.

“It’s not easy being a surgeon, as each day carries its different challenges. But having an amazing team filled with talented and effective individuals and making sure I take the time to take care of myself–these are the things that have led to my success. Maintaining a daily routine helps me balance my life. I wake up and go bed at decent hours, minimizing overall stress and the potential to overwork. I start my day off with a glass of grape juice, fruits and coffee, which give me the energy I need to stay alert throughout the day. On days I don’t have surgery, I’m training with my personal trainer at 5 a.m. before heading to the clinic. I work out three to five times per week, focusing on cardio, hot Pilates and weights (I always preach core training to my patients). Sometimes after work I attend business meetings, network, and spend time with my daughter, helping her with homework. While I’m always thinking of ways to keep myself as sharp as possible, I also recognize the importance of downtime, decompressing, and reflecting on all that I have already accomplished. Keeping a work-life balance can be difficult, but having a healthy mind and body makes it much easier. It has also undoubtedly made me more successful.”

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