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Hip Treatment By Dr RAJ ( Hip Surgeon Beverly Hills & Los Angeles CA )

Dr. Raj is dedicated to the care of patients with disabling hip joint conditions. At the Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute, the LA orthopedic surgery team offers total hip replacement, hip revision surgery, hip resurfacing, and more.

Dr. Raj hip surgeon in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA has special training in joint preservation procedures designed to prevent the progression of degenerative and congenital hip disorders in the young adult and athlete. Using the latest innovative technologies and techniques, the Beverly Hills orthopedic surgery team helps thousands of patients every year.

Hip Surgeries offered at Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute (click on any to learn more):

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Conditions that Require Hip Surgery

There are numerous hip disorders that may benefit from hip surgery. These include:

  • OsteoarthritisHip Surgeon in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Joint circulation disorders
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Congenital dysplasia
  • Congenital dislocation
  • Failed total joints

Hip Symptoms treated by Surgery

  • Trouble getting up or down stairs
  • Inability to sleep because of pain
  • Stubborn pain, despite pain medications
  • Pain that gets worse when walking
  • Trouble getting up from a seated position

Surgical Procedures

Partial Hip Replacement – With this procedure, the disease portion of the thigh bone (femur) is removed and replaced with a prosthetic (artificial) ball joint. The center of the femur is hollowed to allow room for the stem of the replacement joint. Because the hip socket is not replaced, the procedure is considered “partial.”

Hip Surgeon Beverly Hills & Los AngelesTotal Hip Replacement – This hip replacement surgery in Beverly Hills is regarded as one of the most valued developments in the history of orthopedics. With the standard total hip replacement procedure, the hip surgeon moves inserts an artificial joint (prosthesis) and attaches the new socket to your pelvic and thigh bones. This procedure provides pain relief and restores function of the hip joint. To read more about total hip replacement, CLICK HERE.

Revision Total Hip Surgery – Revision of a hip replacement is for patients who have had surgery in the past but are now experiencing instability, stiffness, and pain in the artificial hip joint. This occurs from wear and tear over the years, an injury, or infection. Because the revision procedure is a bit more complex than the initial hip replacement, the success rate is not quite as high.

Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery – Called the “micro hip,” minimally invasive hip surgery is done through a few small incisions, rather than the large cuts of tradition hip replacement surgery in Los Angeles. Because of this innovative approach, there is less cutting of the ligaments, tendons, and muscle, which allow patients to recover faster and go home sooner.

Hip Preservation – This technique is unique in the field of orthopedics, and it is used to treat labral tears, femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), hip arthritis, and hip dysplasia in the young patient. Through arthroscopic surgical expertise, the Beverly Hills orthopedic specialist helps active patients remain mobile.

Hip Resurfacing Surgery – Unlike traditional hip replacement, resurfacing does not replace the ball of the hip with a prosthetic metal or ceramic structure. Instead, the damaged ball is reshaped and covered with a metal piece that is then fitted into the hip joint. This procedure leaves more bone intact, which makes it easier to perform and allows for a speedy recovery.

Hip Arthroscopy – With the arthroscopic approach, surgery is done to remove any loose bodies and to repair damaged cartilage in the hip joint. The hip surgeon in Beverly Hills uses a small camera (arthroscope) to look inside the joint and correct damage. This procedure is associated with fewer risks and a quicker recovery. To read more about hip arthroscopy, CLICK HERE.