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Shoulder Acromioplasty

What is shoulder acromioplasty?

This is surgery used to treat a rotator cuff impingement that is so severe nonsurgical treatment options have failed. This process will smooth any bone spurs or growths inside of your shoulder and helps to remove inflamed tissue.

Who qualifies for this surgery?

An examination and workup with a Beverly Hills orthopedic doctor will typically involve an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan around the region to diagnose whether your condition is severe enough to qualify. It is recommended that you try non-surgical options before you take part in the surgical procedure. If you have completed all recommended non-surgical options and the pain persists, then surgery may be the next step.

What should I expect before surgery?

The hospital will contact you ahead of time to give you specific details about the procedure. You should follow the instructions as to when you must arrive and you should specifically follow the instructions on what you need to stop eating or drinking before the process. Prior to the operation a member of the staff will talk to you about the anesthetic options.

Shoulder surgery is often performed using a regional nerve block rather than general anesthesia. This nerve block numbs your shoulder and your arm. The medicine will be injected into the base of your neck high up on your shoulder. This nerve block will control your pain for a few hours after the surgery as well. It can however be used in conjunction with general anesthesia. Many of these procedures take less than one hour to complete, however the length of the surgical procedure is dependent upon what is found during the procedure and what items need to be repaired.

What is the surgery like?

The process involves a small incision in your shoulder after which the camera is inserted to locate the affected area. Once it is found, the Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon will insert the surgical tools through another incision and complete the necessary surgical steps. When that is complete, the incision will be stitched together and covered.

The surgeon will shave down the undersurface of the shoulder bone known as the acromion. This will provide more room for the soft tissues including the rotator cuff to mobilize without sparking up inflammation and pain.

What are the potential complications?

Most patients do not experience any complications from this procedure. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are a few risks. Many of the risks associated with this procedure are minor and very treatable. Some of the most common potential problems include infection, blood clots, or excessive bleeding. Your surgeon will talk to you about the possible complications prior to the operation.