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Patient Testimonials For Dr Raj

Olena Nagovitsyna – Tustin, CA

Excellent doctor Raj! He did wonderful job to replace my hip. I am very thankful that my primary doctor referred me to Dr. Raj for surgery. Very knowledgeable and professional. Great customer service, very nice personnel. Everybody very polite and courteous, helpful. Again, thank you very much Dr Raj for giving me a second life and ability to walk without pain. I would like to wish Dr. Raj all the best, stay healthy, keep up the good job you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dan Pettit – Long Beach, CA

I came to Dr. Raj on a very high recommendation from a fireman who had his knees repaired. I am a mailman and have delivered mail for 32 years. I had five surgeries on my right knee, two of them being ACL surgeries. Needless to say, I had ‘been around the block’ a few times regarding knee surgery and doctors’ advice. After his recommendation, both my wife and I came to see Dr. Raj about replacing the knee (that was the diagnosis for 8-10 years due to osteo-arthritis in the knee. I was putting it off because of the implant technology was limited until recently).

Dr. Raj took all the time needed to put aside any questions or fears regarding the knee. We first agreed to scope both knees and did a procedure called PRP (platelet rich plasma) in both knees. The surgery went off without a hitch and was so successful that in recovery I was sitting up in bed with my knees somewhat crossed (Indian style)! I had zero pain and it felt as if I had not even had surgery. I’m telling you the truth! He is that good.

Since then, we have now had the knee replaced and my recovery has been way ahead of schedule. I currently at three months out have full movement at 136 degrees bend and about 10 degrees extension.

I drive an hour each way to get to his office, but I feel as if it is more than worth it considering his great care and expertise. I tell everyone about how ‘good he is!’

Amee Gray

I am so glad I decided to work with Dr. Raj! A couple years ago, I was hit by a car on my bike and it was devestating for me physically and emotionally. I had a full thickness tear of my antifibular ligament. I was terrified of surgery and tried PT for a while. It unfortunately never repaired on it’s own. I am a full time mom and I have a business of my own and I was afraid I could not do surgery. But I am also a dancer and ballet classes were no longer an option for me with severe tendonitis and a torn ligament. Dr. Raj was fully supportive and explained exactly what was going to happen and the healing process. That was in October of 2015. After surgery and a course of treatment which included physical therapy and pilates, I am so much better! I didn’t even realize just how much pain I was in before! I’m back to dancing and enjoying my life like I did before the accident. Oh and I lost 10 lbs!!! I could not be happier!


I injured my knee in a college football game in 1968. It was a minuscus and posterior cruciate tear. The doctor told me I would have problems with the knee somewhere near 50 years of age. Darn doctor hit it on the head. I spent the last 15 years of my life watching my knee slowly
Deteriorate until it was bone on bone. The pain began to effect me every day and In every facet of my life. I’m a hard headed ex athlete and you can tell by my
name a hard headed Italian. I did not want to practically amputate my knee for a metal joint. Through a mutual friend I met Dr Raj , and we discussed stem cell treatment for my knee. In August of this year Dr. Raj performed a non invasive stem cell procedure that took 45 minutes. I woke up and walked across the room within two minutes pain free. I went on the table at 6:30 AM, and was back I Marina del Rey.

By 8:20. Since then my knee has continued to strengthen and I find myself a new life. I’ve experienced no pain and have continued my workout program within 3 days no interruption. I’d like to think its a miracle but it was the capable hands of Dr. Raj. His staff, the office, his financial people, and Dr. Raj have been very attentive to me , with post op follow up and tracking my recovery. If you want to call it recovery, it was a 45 minute change that has changed every aspect of my life, I no longer dread looking at a staircase or long walk.

Antoine A. – Pasadena, CA

Starting with the staff all the way to the Dr. everything has been excellent, from A to Z. Including new patient intake. Scheduling appointments has been efficient and easy. The surgical process was made easy to navigate, and the Dr. seems to really care about his patients. My husband was walking 10 days after Surgery. He is AMAZING!!

Bob B. – Burbank, CA

Thank you very much for your expert surgery on my left knee. We realized going in that this knee was a considerable challenge because of a very odd football injury that left my knee very deformed. I was dubious about my chances for recovery, but all went well in your capable hands.

With proper rehabilitation, again under excellent care, I can now walk normally and without pain. My balance has greatly improved as well. This is indeed a new life for me.

Words cannot express your skill and caring efforts on my behalf.

Donald M. – Toluca Lake CA

I feel extremely fortunate to have received the services of Dr. Raj. He is gracious, compassionate, and totally thorough in his evaluation of your needs. He attended to my knee problem with stem cell therapy which had successful results, and he guided me to a proper solution for my back/pinched nerve problem which also had a successful outcome. He is a unique- no attitude orthopedic surgeon, and I whole heartedly recommend him.
He has also surrounded himself with a first rate staff who make the whole experience a very positive one. This is the way every medical office should be. Keep up the superior work Doctor and staff.

Sunshine S. – Altadena, CA

I love coming to see Dr. Raj. He has an amazing group of staff who are very caring and sweet. I never have to wait forever. All of my questions and concerns are always addressed. As for Dr. Raj he is such a great doctor. He listens and genuinely cares about my well being and quality of life. He has been extremely flexible and did an awesome job on my rotator cuff surgery.
He even waited until I woke up to check on me and inform me about what was going to happen afterwards. He is a total sweetheart on top of everything else. Plus he referred me to my awesome pain management Dr. Peterson. I am so blessed to have such an amazing team of Doctors and it’s all because of Dr. Raj. Did I mention how much I love Silvia and all the girls! I always love coming to Dr. Raj’s office because I know I am getting the best care possible. I recommend him to everyone I know.
I ? Dr. Raj! I am very picky about my Drs. And Dr. Raj was the first of 6 doctors I saw that actually cared about me and getting me healed, I don’t have to deal with long waits, unanswered phone calls, and caddy office staff. Dr. Raj really took his time to help me with my shoulder and continues to look after me. I hate going to the Dr., but I love coming here. Plus my scars aren’t super noticeable and healing perfect. Also his aggressive after care instructions saved me from getting a frozen shoulder I couldn’t be happier! Thanks again to Dr. Raj and his incredible staff! I love this office so much!

John K. – Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Raj is an incredible orthopedic surgeon. I am the CEO of a multimillion dollar company, and enjoy MMA, contact sports, and other physical activities. I recently destroyed my right knee and was bound to a wheel chair. I had an MRI which revealed a 60% tear in my ACL, 40% tear of the PCL, 40% MCL, a compressed and torn meniscus, a tibia bruise and a fibia fracture. The treatment recommended was complete knee reconstruction surgery. I had heard of different types of stem cell treatments and began researching the science and the doctors that offered the treatment.

Upon meeting Dr. Raj and his incredible team, I instantly decided to schedule the procedure. I had gained 80lbs from not being able to be active. I had a limp, daily pain, and had trouble navigating stairs and walking on inclines.I had the procedure recommended by Dr. Raj, done the 1st week of December. By Christmas I had no pain and was able to start light excersize. It’s been only 6 weeks since the procedure. I’ve lost 23lbs, I am completely pain free, and I’ve been able to hike a 1,000ft elevation. I have no doubt I will completely recover thanks the the recommendation, treatment, and care given to me by Dr. Raj and his amazing team.

I would highly recommend Dr. Raj and his warm, personable staff to anyone who is seeking treatment.

Pamela Lang Combar – Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Raj performed stem cell therapy on both of my knees for OA and one Achilles tendinitis 4months ago. And followed up with PRP 2 1/2 months ago. My Achilles feels perfect. We took X-rays today on my knees to see the progress of cartilage regeneration. I am speechless! It’s working!!! You are an amazing Doctor ! And your professionalism and compassion are superior! Thank you , thank you ! You’re the best *~*

Dr. Isidore Kwaw M.D. – Los Angeles, CA

This is my testimony: about 6 months ago I was getting out of the train with my bicycle when I felt a very sharp twinge in my right knee.

Leading up to this I had been experiencing pain in the knee after sitting for a long period of time. I ignored this thinking it would get better. After experiencing this sharp pain as I got of the train I decided I had to take care of this problem. I could barely walk let alone bike.

Prior to this I used to bike 20 miles a day for 12 years. I decided to go to Dr. Raj Bal because all my patients said good things about him. I have also seen his work first hand as a Doctor and was very impressed .

To cut a long story short his bed side manners are excellent. My knee surgery went well. I was back on my bike 1 month after my surgery. I am back to biking 20 miles a day!! I can honestly say he gave me back my athletic life and will always be

DA – Los Angeles, CA

This spring I took a bad step and blew out my knee. There’s never a good time for something like this to happen, but it seems it couldn’t have happened at a worse time for me. If I had to get this done now, (and I did) I wanted it done right, and with the least amount of down time, so I could get back to my life quickly and without pain.
I saw three doctors in the Los Angeles area (one of them actually told me there was nothing wrong with my knee), but from the moment I met Dr. Raj, I knew he was the one for me. Any kind of surgery is scary, that’s why I needed someone who was, not only up to date with the latest methods and techniques, but could also communicate with me on my level throughout the entire process.
His facilities are state of the art, and his diagnosis proved to be spot on. Even without the use of the MRI that another doctor had ordered, he found both my cartilage and meniscus to be torn, just from his normal, in office, examination. For some reason, MRI’s don’t really work on me; that’s why the other doctor thought there was nothing wrong.
Because of my urgency to get back to my life, he tailored a specific rehab and physical therapy schedule that had me walking on my own, without crutches, on the second day. Two months later – and with a lot of hard work – if I didn’t tell you, you’d never know I even had surgery. All that aside, the most impressive aspect about this doctor and his process, is the staff that supports him. Every visit; every phone call, they have gone well out of their way to make me feel like I’m the only patient under their care – both before, and in all the follow ups after my surgery – and their were more than a few after hours calls to make sure that all my problems were solved and my questions answered.
To say the surgery was a success would be a gross understatement. I’m not gonna lie, I like Dr. Raj, I like him a lot, but I hope I never have to see him again, but if something does happen to me, there is no other surgeon I would ever consider.

SP – Los Angeles, CA

 I’m a big fan of Dr. Raj. he performed surgery on my left shoulder for a rotator cuff tear and tear to the deltoid muscle. I experienced very little pain just after the surgery and no pain since. Dr. Raj referred me to an excellent physical therapist who I worked with for several weeks.
With the exception of one movement that always takes me more time, I basically have most of my strength back in my shoulder.
I am only disappointed to find our Dr. Raj does not treat back problems.
I have, and will continue, to recommend Dr. Raj for any similar injuries.


Dave B. – Santa Monica, CA

I like the fact that Dr. Raj was very confident, answered all my questions, and explained things in detail. I asked him at my first appointment, “I want to run and play tennis again.” His response, “My patients do incredible things.” That quote so reassured me of his utmost confidence.
Furthermore, I am impressed that patients from all over come to see him, including treating a Royal family in the area around Dubai. Lastly, stem cells; something in the medical field quite new, but again was impressed Dr. Raj is in fact very versed in the new era.
I myself had a knee replacement with stem cells and my post op was excellent! Recovering fast. Over all, I would highly recommend Dr. Raj to those who need his expertise!

MK.W. – Los Angeles, CA

I have had absolutely exceptional care from Dr. Raj and his staff. To the last person everyone has been kind, helpful, professional and efficient. I especially appreciate Silvia for managing my phone calls and requests.
Dr. Raj is the best surgeon anyone could hope for. Not only have I been well treated but my outcomes have been perfect. Left knee done, Sept. of 2013. Right knee done Feb. 2014.
Additionally, my right knee was to have been done in 2013. I cancelled and rescheduled twice on short notice due to my father’s illness and death. Silvia abd Dr. Raj were so kind and understanding. I can not say enough to express my gratitude.

Kelly Lazorchak – Los Angeles, CA

Coming in to see Dr. Raj has changed my life! On September 25 2013 I was in a freak accident, where glass broke on top of me, nearly taking my bottom leg off. I saw Dr. Raj for the first time October 2, 2013, He requested an MRI the next day and had me in surgery the following Monday. He had to open my knee/leg back up, removing a ton of glass that was left by the hospital and sewing up 2 quad tears. I now have scars of course, but am on my way to recovery, it’s unbelievable what it looks like now.

He is my hero. He has a way of calming with with his voice, it’s therapy for me. He really helps me understand what’s going on and why. Dr. Raj, his PA Megan, Patient Administrator Jen and office assistants Silvia and Martha are amazing and have really held my hand through all of this! Each of them, in their own special way. I’m so lucky to have found Dr. Raj, when I leave I feel so happy, relieved and taken care of in every way! It’s like I miss them until my next appointment. :)

Monica – Beverly Hills, CA

I have seen Dr Raj for a wrist injury and a knee injury that required surgery. My experience on both occasions was unmatched by any healthcare professional. As an athlete I try and take extra care in my health and to that end try to extend that care in choosing a doctor.

Dr. Raj and his staff are nothing short of amazing! The surgery was uneventful just as anyone would like a surgery to be. The post-operative care is simply unmatched. I came in to see Dr. Raj several days after the surgery for a follow-up appointment and I had No swelling! None! and No pain! The pain medication prescribed was not needed. I attribute that not only to my personal attention to health but again to a healthcare professional that plain and simple just “gets it!” If you find yourself in a position having to choose . . . . there just isn’t a better choice.

If having a great doctor isn’t enough Jennifer and Sylvia made navigating the insurance maze painless. Every twist and turn imaginable they handled with ease and I cannot thank them enough. If you find yourself in a position where his services are needed you can proceed knowing that every aspect and detail of the process is going to be handled in a way that make the process very easy.

Dr. Raj and his staff are simply the best!!

A.A. – Saudia Arabia

When it comes to explanation, he is extremely great, makes you comfortable about what your condition and make the treatment an easy rise. Great doctor, really knows what he us doing.
Very professional! I would definitely see him for any future problem and I highly recommend him as an orthopedic.

Robin Bolton – Placentia, CA

Dr. Raj has been a very wonderful, caring, confident surgeon. He has been able to treat me and solve my dilema with knees where no other doctors would attempt helping my situation. I am very thankful to you dr. Raj and staff who are wonderful to work with.
Thank you Dr. Raj for giving me my life back!

Ramona D. – Los Angeles, CA

 The best thing I did was take a friends advice and see Dr. Raj for a second opinion.
From my first visit Dr. raj’s demeanor was nothing but professional. He clearly explained my questions and concerns. When it came time for my procedure, I faced the day confidently, positively and trusted I was in good hands.
On my follow up visit (post procedure), Dr. Raj explained what he did, using still shots from the operation (Arthroscopic-torn meniscus on my right knee)…Loved that and it felt good being in the know.
I also want to thank Silvia (front desk)-You’re awesome. You are so efficient at your job- Thank you! And thank you Jennifer (Dr. Raj’s assistant) -You did a great job removing my stitches. :)
Thank you all for fixing me up!

R.C. – Ontario, CA

Dr. Raj is very personable. He has a great bedside manner and performs a thorough evaluation of your injury, therapy, surgery, and rehabilitation. He is a doctor who thinks outside of the box when it comes to his patients. He’s very honest….he gives you the pros and cons….and he lets his patients be a part of the decision. He is not afraid to try something new/expensive/not authorized by insurances or workers comp. He is there for his patients and he truly cares about their recovery.

In my particular case, we had to start over and implement those out of the box procedures, ie physical therapy, cortisone shots, the halogen injections, the PRP, and the HGH/Tesosterone to get me well and back to work as well as back to the field to officiate Division I Baseball. As a patient, you have to believe in your doctor and yourself. I have spoken to other doctors and orthopedic surgeons and each has told me that your doctor, Dr. Raj, has taken the teachings from a medical classroom and successfully implemented them, in my case. I explicitly trust him with my well being.

May Edwards – North Hollywood, CA

I am very happy with the surgery results on my knee and hip. I feel great!
I use my wheelchair only for going on the streets because I walk slow.
Thank God for Dr. Raj! If you have any form of bone problem see Dr. Raj he will help you in any way her can that’s for sure!

Norvelle B. – Long Beach, CA

Ever since I was referred to Dr. Raj’s office, I have been extremely blessed. From the office staff down to Dr. Raj and his colleagues. Everyone has been so incredibly nice and professional. I was very hesitant about having surgery on my shoulder but Dr. Raj made me feel totally motivated and his expertise so I went through with the surgery. The day of the surgery he assured me again about the surgery along with OR nurses and I went through with the surgery.
I am very happy I had the surgery and that Dr. Raj was able to completely correct the problem. He is the BOMB and so is his office staff. I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Krzysztof P – Wittier, CA

Four weeks after my initial consultation with Dr. Raj, he had completed my total hip replacement. I was very apprehensive prior to meeting him, due to the stories from my friends who had had this surgery elsewhere. There was no pressure from Dr. Raj, he went over all my options prior to surgery and before I knew it I had the total replacement done!
He is very professional, friendly and caring not only as an Orthopedic Surgeon but also as an individual. His staff is amazing and professional never missing a beat or any details at all and always keeping the lines of communication open. It is obvious that his success comes from the fact that he enjoys what he does, does it well, and cares for his patients above and beyond. Two weeks after surgery I have retired my walker and am using my cane when needed. Would I recommend Dr. Raj? Yes! Would I return to him if needed? Yes! Thank you Dr. Raj, I feel like the man of steel at 58! Now if only I could dance with this new hip my wife would be really happy ! (Don’t worry I couldn’t dance before my surgery).

T.M. – Manhattan Beach, CA

I have had three surgeries performed by Dr. Raj within the past few years. These were the first surgeries of my life and Dr. Raj and his staff put me at ease with each. His professionalism, knowledge and honesty reassured me and actually made me stronger from the start. I am on the road to recovery and feel the future is bright. I would recommend Dr. Raj without hesitation for anyone needing orthopedic surgery.

J.F. – Hawthorne, CA

Dr. Raj is first rate and he has an exceptional staff. They are professional, courteous, and friendly. I have had three surgeries in the last five months including hardware removal from my left knee total left knee replacement and total right hip replacement. I have made tremendous strides and am looking forward to walking again soon after five years of not being able to walk without canes, crutches and walkers. I highly recommend Dr. Raj to anyone needing orthopedic surgery for knees and hips.

Anonymous – Gilbert, AZ

I have been in for 2 other scopes on this same knee, when i was a much younger man. My entire experience from initial inquiry to post op was so far superior to what I remember that my score reflects that by going over 10. Dr. Raj, Silvia, and the care and concern received made me know that the choice to travel to see Dr. Raj instead of doing it locally was the right thing.

I am now less than 3 weeks post-surgery as I write this, and I can tell you, that EVERY pain I had in my knee that was limiting my quality of life is 100% gone. I have even started skating again, and without any pain or need to ice my knee for an hour afterwards just to be able to feel OK again. I will tell everyone who I know is struggling with any knee pain at all Dr. Raj’s contact info, knowing that they will get the care required to get back to the highest quality of life possible. I can walk up and down stairs now without holding the rail for the first time in 3 years! I am looking forward to jogging and hiking again, and I owe it all to the excellent care i got from Dr. Raj and his team! Thank you so much!

W.C. – Denton, TX

 I traveled from Texas to have my knee replaced and it was well worth the effort. I had attempted a replacement in Texas but the doctor there found the knee joint was infected and therefore aborted the operation. After treatment for the infection my wife and I decided to come to California and stay with our daughter to pursue further treatment for the knee here.
Dr. Raj was recommended. After verification that the infection had cleared, Dr. Raj proceeded with the knee replacement. The operation and recovery went well and the new knee has been great since day one. It has been a real joy to have my mobility, and my life, back. I feel Dr. Raj and his staff could not have done a better job for me from start to after care. At my 6 mo. follow up appointment, Dr. Raj said it is now time to start exercising the knee by walking stairs.

Catherine H, Santa Clarita, CA

“Dr. Raj and staff have been more than gracious. I can’t believe its been 5 months since surgery. When you first told you need a replacement its scary, no one wants surgery. I don’t care what age you are having surgery is hard on your body. Whats been the best thing is I have a beautiful new leg. Dr. Raj and staff did an amazing job. My scar is beautiful and I’m proud to show it to anyone. For the first time in years I feel sturdy to stand and its one amazing feeling. If anyone is hesitant on knee replacement surgery, talk to me Ill tell you otherwise. I have a whole new life.”

Catherine H, Santa Clarita, CA

“ Dr. Raj & Staff,

Thank you so much for the care I have been given. Everyone in the office is so nice. Dr. Raj you saved me. I am 55yrs young now! The knee replacement is wonderful. The scar is gradually disappearing. I will say it’s not something I want to go through again, but if I need to have the right knee done, Dr. Raj I would definitely want you to do it. Dr. Raj you have helped me get my life back. I had no idea how far off my leg was. I am a very willful person, but I had definitely run out of will and you helped me to see I had no other choice than to get a beautiful new leg.“

Marilyn A, Sunland, CA

“ I drive for an hour just to see Dr. Raj. It’s all worth it. He makes me feel that Im his only patient for the day; w/c is a really nice feeling. He’s very thorough & conscientious. His staff is a great team-returns call promptly & takes the time to answer questions & concerns especially for pre and post-op issues. Well coordinated with other needs-home health, DME’s, insurance issues; & paperwork. I also thank Dr. Paul for referring me. I cannot imagine being cared for anywhere else.
Thank you. “

Alex A, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been to several other clinics that work with my workers comp insurance. This facility is the most professional and respectful. You don’t keep me waiting for hours. Your Dr. and nurses listen and genuinely care about my progress. Your staff also provides medication, stretches and solutions to my back problems. In the past with other Doctors. I felt I was having the same appointment over and over with no solution being provided. Thank you for respecting my time and treating my ailments! Your nurses and Dr. are the best.”

Cristine L, Yucaipa, CA

“Dr. Raj and his staff treat the patients very well. They greet you when you come into office and like Diego he always knows my name. When I call he calls back that same day. Dr. Raj is a great doctor, spends time with you answers our questions and explains things so I can understand what he is saying. Would recommend everyone to come here.”

Diana B, Los Angeles

“Dr. Raj is an excellent Doctor with awesome bedside manner. He is always pleasant to his patients and very passionate when it comes to his work. His staff is the same always courteous, pleasant; call you by name and just considerate to all their patients. I have never heard not one of his staff raise their voices at me. I love my Doctor!!! He is an excellent, fun loving, young at heart, passionate Dr. that loves what he does!!!”

Alice K, Los Angeles

“I am always treated very well here and well respected. The staff is professional and always good to work with. This is one doctor’s office I enjoy going too. Dr. Raj is the reason why people should become doctors. He takes care of his patients and sees them through to the end. This is not a doctor’s office that is trying to put a band aid on you and throw you out the door.”

Alonzo W, Los Angeles

“Dr. Raj and his staff have been great!! I had a shoulder injury thinking i was going to have surgery. After talking to Dr. Raj it was a non surgical injury. I think he and his staff are the greatest. Very friendly and family atmosphere when you go into the office. Thanks to whole staff for making it an enjoyable experience during my healing. I would refer Dr. Raj as the best orthopedic surgeon out there.”

Elias S

“Great doctor, I am very grateful to him with all my heart and to all his medical staff they are awesome. Dr. Raj after God and my lawyer you are my God. You are a great doctor. I’m feeling a big wonderful difference after my surgeries. Many thanks doctor. I wish that God blesses you and takes good care of you. Thanks also to everyone who helped you. Dr. Raj Thanks.”

Melissa, Beverly Hills, CA

“Dr Raj and his staff are wonderful! the front office is very accommodating and welcoming and always contacts the patient to remind them of appointments. Dr Raj and his medical team really took the time to make sure that my injuries were properly treated and healed. His warmth and compassion are a testament to his character. Thanks for everything!”

Martha R

” To me Dr. Raj and his staff fill my expectations as a patient. He is a doctor who loves his profession; He has helped me a lot in my recovery. He is a man with kindness and puts a lot of interest to his patients. The staff is friendly and helpful, both Dr. Raj and his staff are efficient people who love their work and made me feel as the patient that they care about my recovery. Thank you very much for your attention and always continue assisting those in need.”

Christine S

“From my first visit and all to follow, I experienced a professional compassionate and knowledgeable staff. They all go out of their way to make the patient comfortable and happy. The doctors are thorough and get their job done. Rebecca treats patients with the utmost courtesy with an exceptional amount of patience and professionalism. This truly is exceptional care!”

Jay G

“Very professional and understanding. Dr. Raj definitely knows his specialty and explains his findings very clearly and understandably. Extremely friendly staff and Dr Hesser (PA) exhibits the fantastic quality of caring and also has great knowledge of her specialty.My surgery went very well so much that I had only minor discomfort but no pain.The office and staff are extremely helpful.”

Miriam B

“I had severe pain in my knee that made me crippled. Before I saw Dr. Raj, I went to two famous doctors and neither one of them could detect the problem. The pain was getting worse and worse. They gave me cortisone shots and one of the doctors was angry because I did not make enough exercises so he sent me to physical therapy. I couldn’t move without a wheelchair and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. As soon as Dr. Raj saw me, he was able to properly diagnose me immediately. Turns out I had cysts in my knee that had caused a fracture due to spontaneous osteonecrosis, which is why I was in such severe pain. My bones in my knee were cracked and it was very painful. Each step I made was torture and I was living in a nightmare. He told me “you don’t belong in a wheelchair, I’ll get you out of it” and took his time to explain to me the whole procedure that he was going to do in details. I couldn’t believe that a doctor would take so much time for a patient. He was like an angel from heaven and he was there for me anytime I needed him. I had a total knee replacement, which went great and now I can walk again.”


“Dr. Raj has been seeing my husband for the past four months on his chronic arthritis pain he has had for several years. After only a few visits, we understand what is going on and he has given options to eliminate the pain to where he is able to function normally again for the first time in years! I recommend him to anyone he has been a blessing to our family!”


“I went to see Dr. Raj about my hip pain I had been having for over a year. Several doctors told me I needed complete replacement and I was referred to Dr. Raj by a good friend of mine who had had a very successful surgery with Dr. Raj. Dr. Raj spent the time to talk to my about the issues and helped me with the pain and I ended up not needing surgery after all. Dr. Raj is amazing and I thank him daily!”

E Elliott

“Thanks, it is difficult for me to translate the excitement I am now enjoying in these few short words in this letter, now that you have completed both of my total knee replacements on both my right/left knees. Prior to these two complex surgeries, that you finished on me, February 11, 2009, I was a long term chronic pain sufferer, this condition was caused by injury and arthritis over a long term period. My condition eventually not only cause pain, but deformity also in both knees. Dr. Bal, after my initial interview and examination by you, your pleasant personality and total confidence in a great outcome, I was convinced you were the right doctor for me. Dr. Bal, you were right the success of both surgeries have produced impressive results. Thank you again, for giving me a second chance to enjoy life totally again.”

Eddie E, Los Angeles

“Dear Dr. Bal: Thanks, it is difficult for me to translate the excitement I am now enjoying in these few short words in this letter, now that you have completed both of my total knee replacements on both my right/left knees. Prior to these two complex surgeries, that you finished on me, February 11, 2009, I was a long term chronic pain sufferer, this condition was caused by injury and arthritis over a long term period. My condition eventually not only cause pain, but deformity also in both knees. Dr. Bal, after my initial interview and examination by you, your pleasant personality and total confidence in a great outcome, I was convinced you were the right doctor for me. Dr. Bal, you were right the success of both surgeries have produced impressive results. Thank you again, for giving me a second chance to enjoy life totally again.”

Esther, Bellflower

“I am pleased to say that the staff in doctor Raj’s office is nice and friendly and makes me feel at ease at every appointment. I am glad to be helped by them and by Dr. Raj, who always appeases my worries and answers my questions and concerns in a manner I can understand, and always makes me feel comfortable when asking anything I might not clearly understand.”

Humberto, Downey

“I am very happy with the excellent attention the doctor has given me. Honesty and his integrity and motivation, for these reasons I thank him. he is a model example of dedication to hi work and like a person. Not only and I satisfied, so are a lot of people according to the comments and primarily my family, my wife, and my children are grateful for his attention. Thank you and continued success.”

Trayvon, Los Angeles

“My experience with Dr. Raj has been a great one. Beginning with the staff, everyone was professional, polite, and courteous. The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming. The facilities are also very clean and well kept. Appointments are very reasonable and always flexible for rescheduling. Dr Raj is a very informed doctor and very knowledgeable within his field of practice. I’d refer him to anyone.”

Ila Smith, California

“It’s been since February 14th that you performed my total hip replacement surgery. While I’m not walking yet with “fluidity”, I’m using a cane and getting better every day. I’ve only taken about 5 pain pills since leaving the hospital and I had been in a lot of pain for a lot of years. I just wanted to thank you so much for doing this surgery. You’re a very special, kind, and excellent doctor (not to mention handsome, haha). Thank you so much and thank the other doctors for me too.”

Deborah, Santa Monica

“Dr. Raj (Dr. Raj) has been a patient, kind, and considerate surgeon. He answered all of my questions in a detailed manner to allow me to decide which course to take regarding my hip issues. Following surgery he came to check on me while I was hospitalized, which was a great comfort. He has a passion for his profession and it shows in his work. I no longer have pain in my left hip and will continue to see him for all further joint issues.”

Dr. Raj is a Double Board Certified best orthopedic doctor in los angeles who has been in private practice for 10 years. Dr. Raj in his short career and at a young age has been named as one of “Americas Top Orthopedists”, been featured on the “Best of LA” and has received numerous other accolades and awards as one of the Top Orthopedic doctor in Beverly Hills.