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Shoulder Surgery Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA

The shoulders are possibly the two most important joints in the human body. As individuals age, degenerative and debilitating conditions can damage these joints. The Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute has the leading shoulder surgeon in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills CA for all types of shoulder surgeries.

This includes partial and total shoulder replacement, rotator cuff repair, labral repair, arthroscopic acromioplasty, arthroscopic debridement, and capsular shift. Consult with Dr. Raj – shoulder specialist in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, CA concerning your shoulder condition. As an expert shoulder surgeon in Los Angeles, he will work with you and your family members to find a solution to your shoulder symptoms.

Conditions Treated with Shoulder Surgery in Los Angeles

Several conditions can cause shoulder pain, stiffness and immobility. These include:

  • Osteoarthritis – Age-related wear and tear of the shoulder jointShoulder Pain in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills
  • Rheumatoid arthritis – Thickening of synovial membrane that surrounds the shoulder joint
  • Post-traumatic arthritis – Damage to the articular cartilage from injury or trauma
  • Rotator cuff tear – Injury to the cuff from degenerative disease or trauma
  • Avascular necrosis – Blood supply to the bone is disrupted
  • Severe fractures – Injury to the head of the upper arm bone (humerus)
  • Failed shoulder replacement – Implant loosening, infection, dislocation, and wear

Shoulder Procedures Performed at Beverly Hills Orthopedic Institute

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Partial Shoulder Replacement

A partial shoulder replacement is used when the ball of the joint is damaged but the glenoid socket does not need to be replaced. In this procedure the humerus (upper arm bone) head is all that is replaced by shoulder specialist in Los Angeles. The name for this procedure is termed a hemiarthroplasty.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Total shoulder replacement is an option for the treatment of severe forms of arthritis that erode the shoulder joint. When the cartilage lining wears away, the bones rub against each other. With this procedure, the joint is replaced with a prosthetic device.

There are currently two types of total shoulder replacement. One is the traditional ball and socket procedure. The newest type of shoulder replacement is termed the reverse total shoulder replacement, which shifts the ball and socket the other way. Dr. Raj, an expert Beverly Hills shoulder doctor, is an expert in the reverse type of shoulder replacement.

Rotator Cuff Repair

The rotator cuff is a group of tendons that attach muscles and bones of the shoulder. When there is damage to this structure, from an injury or tear, it causes pain and loss of shoulder function. This surgery is typically done using arthroscopic techniques.

Labral Repair

The labrum is a stabilizing structure of the shoulder surgery in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills. When it is torn away from the bone from dislocation, labral repair is necessary. This procedure involves the insertion of small absorbable anchors into the shoulder socket to stabilize the joint.

Arthroscopic Acromioplasty

Shoulder Surgery Los Angeles & Beverly HillsThe acromion is a bone over the shoulder area where muscles may rub up against it during repetitive movement. This may include the rotator cuff muscles, with the resulting tendonitis termed impingement syndrome. Typically, nonoperative management of impingement syndrome works beautifully, however, there are times where it simply does not provide acceptable relief from shoulder pain in Los Angeles.

In those cases, arthroscopic cromioplasty is used to widen the space between the shoulder blade and the upper arm bone so that the rotator cuff tendons do not get lodged between these structures.

Arthroscopic Debridement

For patients with chronic shoulder pain in Beverly Hills who have no history of shoulder injury, arthroscopic debridement is often done to remove irritated and inflamed tissue and bone spurs. During this procedure, small incisions allow for easy removal of the damaged areas.

Capsular Shift

The capsular shift procedure is done arthroscopically to tighten the joint capsule and stabilized the shoulder ligaments. It is similar to when a seamstress tucks loose fabric by overlapping and sewing the two parts.