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Rocker Prince Looks Anorexic

Dangerously thin singer weighs ‘little more than 100 pounds’-top doc

Music legend Prince appears to be wasting away from anorexia, contends a top medical expert-and pals are terrified about his weight.

As these ENQUIRER photos reveal, the “Purple Rain”singer’s weight looks like it has plummeted dangerously low. The diminutive entertainer, who stands just 5-foot-3, has dropped from 125 to a shocking 110 pounds, shocking 110 pounds, one expert estimates.

“He’s living in pain and not eating much, “a concerned friend told The ENQUIRER.” He looks awful, and some of the people around him are seriously worried.”

“Prince eats so little that I don’t think he’s getting enough nourishment,” divulged another source.

Dr. Aaron Tabor, a weight-loss specialist from North Carolina who has not treated the singer, says Prince shows some symptoms of anorexia.

“His Adam’s apple is protruding, his head appears much larger in proportion to his body, and his arms and legs are scarily thin,” said Dr.Tabor. “He appears to weigh little more than 100 pounds.”

“ALTHOUGH ANOREXIA MAY BE CAUSED BY certain illnesses, it is more commonly a psychological disorder in which the sufferer has an unhealthy desire to be thin and has a distorted sense of body image.”

After years of onstage acrobatics and dancing in stilettos, Prince is struggling with joint problems, While surgery may be able to alleviate his acute pain, the 51-year-old has balked at the suggestion because his faith does not allow medical procedures that may need blood transfusions. Prince is a devout Jehovah’s Witness.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr.Bal Raj of Beverly Hills, who specializes in hip and knee replacement, says dancing in high heels may have contributed to deterioration of his joints.

“Eventually, that abnormal wear and tear breaks down the ball and socket joint in the hips, necessitating surgery.” Dr. Raj explained, “If he doesn’t have surgery, he will have to ‘unload’ the hips another way with the use of a cane, crutches, a walker and eventually a wheelchair.”


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