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How Stem Cell Procedures can Help you Avoid Surgery

As a safe and effective alternative to surgery and joint replacement, stem cell treatment injections have been scientifically proven to reduce arthritis, joint pain and other medical conditions.  Because surgery can be extremely invasive and time consuming, many patients would prefer to utilize a treatment that is quicker and less painful.joint pain arthritis picture

In addition, if you are a candidate to have a joint replaced, stem cell therapy procedures have become a popular alternative when compared to having surgery.  These specific treatments are less painful and offer a much faster recovery time.

Hip Surgery Alternatives

One of the best options for anyone that wants to avoid hip surgery is a blood platelet or stem cell procedure.  Known to help alleviate and reduce joint pain in the hip, stem cell injections are a safe and effective treatment choice when compared to more invasive surgical procedures.

By increasing the concentration levels of a patients stem cells, the body’s ability to naturally heal itself is greatly increased.  Without question, living with hip pain can be extremely frustrating to live with on a daily basis and historically requires a specific surgical procedure to be performed.  Now, with the advancements that have been made in stem cell procedure research and practices, surgery is no longer the only option available to patients.

Hand and Thumb Joint Treatment

A great alternative to having surgery for hand and thumb arthritis is stem cell injection treatments.  For anyone that is suffering from pain, a decreased range in motion, joint arthritis or other degenerative health issues in the hand, stem cell treatment provides many benefits over surgery.

Because surgery is more invasive with a much longer recovery time, advanced stem cell procedures have become an extremely popular and effective option to improve different hand related joint problems.  With consistent swelling and reduced pivoting Knee pain3motion in the thumb, the basal joint is known to wear out much quicker than other joints.  Although reconstructive joint surgery is capable of fixing the problem, it doesn’t always completely repair the issue.

Knee Surgery Alternatives

Regarded as the “next generation” of medical treatment, stem cell injection procedures are perfect for people that suffer from knee pain.  In fact, blood platelet and stem cell procedures are one of the best options for anyone that is faced with knee replacement surgery due to arthritis or bone, tendon and ligament injuries.

If you have experienced an injury to your knee cartilage, MCL or ACL ligament, meniscus or just have chronic knee pain due to arthritis, you are more than likely a good candidate for stem cell treatment.  Historically, knee replacement or arthroscopic knee surgery has been the only option to repair different knee conditions.

As one of the most effective alternatives to various knee surgeries, stem cell and blood platelet procedures are known to greatly reduce pain by a simple visit orthopedic clinic in Los Angeles.  Unlike conventional invasive surgeries, these treatment options are performed within an office setting and typically allow patients to walk the same day with little to no downtime.

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