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Is Platelet-Rich Plasma an Effective Healing Therapy?

prpWhile platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has been around since the early 1970s, this form of treatment is growing in popularity quickly because it  provides results that have not been seen with any other form of therapy. PRP is used for conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system.

While this form of therapy is questioned for its effectiveness in treating different conditions, studies have shown that PRP is, in fact, an effective treatment. Also, while it is not always effective for everyone, when the therapy does work for patients, the results are above those seen with any other treatment. This include the use of surgical procedures, which can actually cause greater damage to occur within different areas of the body, rather than allowing it to heal.

Effectiveness of PRP Therapy

Researchers who study the healing effects of PRP therapy have stated that this form of therapy is effective in treating conditions within the tendons, ligaments, and even cartilage. This is due to the healing properties that are present within the blood platelets.

The platelets are a part of the blood, which are provided to different areas of the body whPRP-2en an injury occurs, and they also allows the blood to clot when there is an injury that causes bleeding to occur. By providing different areas of the body with platelets in a concentrated form, the cells and tissues are able to regenerate at a much faster rate, which can promote successful healing.

When the body provides platelets to the areas that are damaged naturally, the process of healing will take much longer than it would with the use of PRP therapy. Often, damage that is present gets much worse before it is able to get better, which makes it impossible for the plasma to heal the injured area.

By injecting the area with the platelets, which are taken from samples of the patient’s blood, the speed is increased dramatically, and pain relief is also provided to the area at a fast rate. Those who undergo PRP therapy have stated that the pain relief is often effective within the first 48 hours, but many patients actually experience relief from the pain within the first couple of hours after the treatment is completed.

Healing Occurs Quickly with PRP

There are different factors that work to determine the rate in which healing occurs within the areas that are damaged. For small amounts of damage, healing can occur within the first six months, but larger damaged areas can take years to heal. The location where the damage is present also plays a role in how effective the treatment is for healing, and how long it will take to occur.

Best Los Angeles Orthopedic SurgeonsBody Regions Treated with PRP

PRP therapy is currently being used to treat a variety of conditions that occur within the bones and joints of the body, such as tennis elbow, knee arthritis, and injuries to the shoulder area. However, there are other current uses for the therapy, and there are areas where the therapy is not currently being used. Regardless, the use of PRP therapy within these areas is an effective treatment option.

For example, researches are stating that the bones within the body can be healed with the use of PRP therapy. Even the teeth, which are made from four different layers of tissue, can experience regeneration from the therapy when it is applied to the teeth. These current discoveries are making the use of PRP therapy an exciting and effective option for treatment, a therapy that offers a lot of room for growth within the future.

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