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Rotator Cuff Tears in Younger Adults

Rotator cuff tears in young adults are a common problem with the shoulder. How young adults end up with rotator cuff tears is often associated with a sports injury or traumatic event. Especially if the rotator tears are not with athletes but in young adults who occasionally participate in an athletic event that could cause a rotator cuff tear.Shoulder Surgeon Los Angeles

Athletes generally just assume that pain in that area of the shoulder is caused by the muscles and will heal on its own. While often times they are correct, there are other possibilities for the shoulder pain. Such as shoulder separations, instability of the shoulder, dislocated shoulder and of course, a rotator cuff tears.

Athletes are not the only young adults to suffer from rotator cuff tears anyone who has a job that requires them to lift heavy objects over their head repeatedly can also tear their rotator cuff. Many young nurses and other healthcare staff may find themselves with rotator cuff tears from the constant pulling and lifting on patients.

The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles that come from the shoulder blade. A person can sustain different types of injuries to the rotator cuff tendons. The minor form is an impingement of the rotator cuff tendons, which are located under the top of the shoulder blade, also known as bursitis or bursitis. The second type is a partial tear in the tendon. Lastly, the Rotator Cuff Surgeon Los Angelesmost severe, rotator cuff injury is a torn cuff.

Rotator cuff injuries usually affect adults.  Younger adults usually have what is called an impingement without a tear caused by overuse. The primary reason usually for shoulder pain is the impingement of the rotator cuff. The pain is generally felt in the back area of the shoulder, however, it may also be felt in the front of the shoulder, near the neck, or down the upper arm ending just above the elbow.

The type of treatment varies according to the type of injury. Athletes who show signs of impingement rarely require surgery with an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles. Physical therapy is usually enough to improve the range of motion, and strengthen the rotator cuff and other muscles which in return will eliminate the pain.

Another option that is not regularly used as a first line of defense is a cortisone injection to help with the pain. Partial tears generally respond to the same types of treatment and rarely require surgery.  Full tears almost always require surgery to fix the tendon. With the new advanced technologies, the majority of rotator cuff tears can be done arthroscopically with three or fourTop Orthopedic Surgeons in Los Angeles small incisions.

Physical therapy is crucial to guarantee the young adult has a full recovery. So they can resume their daily activities pain free.

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