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Scar Tissue Impacts After Surgery – Info from a Beverly Hills Orthopedic

The formation of scar tissue after orthopedic surgery is a concern for most patients. The reality is that incisions will leave some type of scar, but it is possible to minimize scarring. Dr. Raj utilizes the best surgical techniques and technologies that can reduce the appearance and formation of scars.


Scars are a result of your body’s natural healing process. When you have an injury, the process of inflammation causes your blood to carry white blood cells and microscopic fibers to the injured area. White blood cells attack bacteria and other microorganisms, and fOrthopedic Doctor Los Angelesibers begin to wall off and repair the damaged area. The fibers form a strong mesh over the damaged area, tougher often than the surrounding skin.


Scar tissue can be unsightly, and it can sometimes inhibit movement or cause more serious problems. Post-surgical scar tissue can unfavorably alter joint range of motion, depending on the scar tissue’s location. Post-surgical scar tissue and adhesions can cause discomfort or pain, despite the fact that most scar tissue itself is not sensitive to pain. Scar tissue occurring after surgery may pull on other areas; compress nerves, blood vessels, and organs; and limit physiological functioning. This can cause pain or dysfunction. In fact, scar tissue can restrict many layers of muscle and connective tissue, which can cause varying degrees of pain or discomfort.


logoScar tissue is weaker, less elastic, and more prone to re-injury than normal, healthy tissue. This can lead to chronic pain if it affects the functioning of other structures–especially nerves and blood vessels. Painful post-surgical scar tissue may also indicate the presence of an infection in the involved area, which should be evaluated by a physician as soon as possible.


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