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Dr. Raj Interviewed by Huffington Post Regarding Strength Training

Top Beverly Hills and Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Raj, was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post for an article on strength training benefits. As a specialist in sports medicine and joint replacement, Dr. Raj knows all too well the benefits of strength training and the medical conditions it can prevent.

Strength_to_Power _ Jenn_Zerling

The article, written by fitness expert Jenn Zerling (of JZ Fitness), presented specific exercises for helping individuals develop strength, balance and power.

Dr. Raj stated:

“Strength is defined as one’s ability to resist force — more particularly, one’s ability to slow the progression of raj_bioosteoporosis and other degenerative joint diseases as they age. While genetics should be considered, if you choose the right training program, then you can attain your highest strength potential, which will reduce the risk of falling, which causes fractures.

Falls are one of the leading causes of death in people over the age of 65. With the appropriate training program in place, a person can improve strength, balance, flexibility, and power, which will ultimately decrease their risk of falling and preserve their overall strength as they get older.”

All too often, Dr. Raj sees individuals with decreased bone mineral density due to lack of activity who sustain fractures due to falls. With proper strength training, balance can be optimized, and the incidence of falling will dramatically decrease.

For years, Dr. Raj has been interviewed frequently by the nation’s top publications including USA Today, Shape Magazine, Men’s Health and more. He is an ABC News Medical Correspondent and four years in a row been named a Top Doc Los Angeles orthopedic doctor!

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