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Cutting-Edge ACL Reconstruction: Is the Double-Bundle Technique More Effective?

In the past, ACL reconstruction was limited to just a few basic methods, meaning that you either had to undergo traditional surgery or arthroscopy in order to rebuild your torn ligament. With medical knowledge always progressing, there are now new, cutting-edge ways that surgeons are beginning to approach ACL reconstruction. One of the most prominent emergent methods is known as the double-bundle technique. Have you heard of this before?

The Single-Bundle Versus the Double-Bundle TechniqueKnee Surgeon Beverly Hills

Regardless of which type of surgery you underwent in the past, you were always being subjected to the single-bundle technique, meaning that you were only having one of the two portions of the ACL reconstructed. While this holds promise to provide you with beneficial short-term results, long-term functionality often left a lot to be desired.

Consequently, doctors developed the cutting-edge, double-bundle technique, meaning that both portions of your ACL are now reconstructed during surgery. Because both the anteromedial bundle and the posterolateral bundle are reconstructed with this advanced procedure, patients can expect a greater level of stability, as well as a reduced chance of developing additional problems over time.

Because this is still a developing form of surgery, long-term results for those who undergo the double-bundle surgery are not well known. However, doctors speculate that the benefits are more significant compared to undergoing traditional techniques because it more closely represents the structure of your knee prior to your procedure.

Is the Double-Bundle Procedure Right for Me?

Beverly Hills Orthopedic SurgeonLike many surgical procedures, the double-bundle procedure for ACL reconstruction is not for everyone. In fact, it is imperative that your knee is the proper size to accommodate the bundles, often meaning that shorter, smaller patients are unable to take advantage of this cutting-edge procedure. By discussing your specific needs and capabilities with your doctor, you can better determine whether or not this procedure is right for you.

The Double-Bundle Technique Mimics Your Own Anatomy, Providing Promising Results

The double-bundle technique was developed specifically to mimic the anatomy of your natural knee, promising you better results than what can be achieved with the single-bundle techniques alone. As a result, you can expect to experience more steadfast results over time, giving you back your mobility without having to worry about stability due to single-bundle surgery.

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